Fertiliser Logistics Ltd is a new option for farmers looking for a one-stop shop for their fertiliser needs. Our highly competitive rates are possible because we deal directly with the manufacturers, shipping company and New Zealand Customs to achieve the best possible landed price. By cutting out the ‘middle-man’ steps like freight forwarders and bulk facility overheads, we can offer lower prices coupled with the best possible quality of finished product.

Bulk buying can result in lower per kilo prices, but complex distributions, networks and large overheads quickly overtake these savings. Rebates are great – but not when you consider they’re really just a delayed return of your cashflow. Fertiliser Logistics has simple 20 th of the month payment terms with upfront cost price savings – much better for your own forward planning and cashflow management.

We ship in 20ft sea containers in bulk bags, or bulk loaded containers, so when our product arrives at your farm gate you know it has been handled a minimal amount. This maintains the integrity of each granule or prill and application of the product is superior to a product that has been handled several times.

This approach means total transparency over the production of each individual product and assurances that the product meets Fertmark guidelines for heavy metals and any other contaminants. We work with Eurofins for our product and soil testing and renowned agronomist Robin Boom does the critical analysis and recommendation.

Getting the best bang for your buck!

  • Product supply. Direct from manufacturer to you = highly competitive rates
  • Soil testing and independent analysis
  • Consultation and recommendation
  • Application

Fertiliser Logistics has simple 20th of the month payment terms with upfront cost price savings – much better for your own forward planning and cashfow management.

Jordan Lock

Jordon from Fertiliser LogisticsFifteen years in the logistics and freight forwarding industry means I’ve exported from just about every country and imported into every NZ port. I know how to get your product to your farm gate the most cost effective way.
I hold a NZ Customs pin and can save you importing charges that others have to pass on. I’ve been specialising in fertiliser importation for the past six years and believe in challenging the current duopoly to give farmers a better deal.

Over the years I have travelled to most countries that I buy from and seen many of their operations first hand. Developing ongoing working relationships with suppliers is critical to having an input to their production processes and ensuring a top quality product.

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